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DevOps meets BPM - JAX 2014 London

Auf der JAX London 2014 werde ich zusammen mit meinem Kollegen Masroor Ahmad (@ITMasroor) einen Vortrag darüber halten, wie wir die Camunda Process-Engine sowie verschiedene DevOps-Tools einsetzen um Prozesse mehr und mehr zu automatisieren.

The DevOps movement resounds throughout the land and everybody might confirm: companies will benefit from developers and operations working closely with each other. The implementation of this revolutionary method usually results in introducing “Continuous Delivery” and “Infrastructure as Code” strategies. Beyond that, a complex deployment scenario demands close collaboration of participants and monitoring of the workflow. “Process as Code” is a viable approach to meet these requirements and helps to deliver software in quality and in time. Let’s dive into the world of BPM to see how an integration of various DevOps tools inside an open source BPM suite could look like!

Der Vortrag fand am Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2014 statt.

Vortragsfolien - DevOps meets BPM - JAX 2014 - London


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